Keler invites you to skiing

Buying €10 of Keler
get a 50% discount on a Nouvelles Pyrénées pass


Do you want to experience one of the best ski slopes in the Pyrenees?

Choose whichever Nouvelles Pyrénées ski resort you wish and get a 50% discount on the price of a day pass.

Upload a photo of a receipt for a purchase of at least €10 on Keler products, showing the date and the supermarket, and we’ll send you your discount code valid exclusively for the choosen ski resort.

Come and ski with KELER!



    1. Identification of organiser and purpose.


    S.A.DAMM (hereinafter “Organiser”) with tax identification CIF A08000820 and registered address at c/ Rosselló, 515 - 08025 Barcelona, is organising the promotion “KELER TE LLEVA A ESQUIAR”, with the purpose of promoting the products marketed under the KELER brand.


    1. Territorial scope of the promotion.


    The territorial scope of the present promotion is País Vasco (the Basque Country) and Navarra.


    1. Duration of the promotion.


    The present promotion will begin on 1st January 2020 and will finish at the end of the 2019-2020 season at the Nouvelles Pyrénées ski resorts, or while stocks last.

    Organiser reserves the right to change the dates of the promotion to facilitate greater participation.


    1. Targets of the promotion.


    Participation in the promotion is open to any physical person who at the time of participation is of legal age and resident in Spain (with a Spanish national (DNI) or foreign resident (NIE) identity card). Foreign passport holders are therefore excluded.

    Expressly excluded from this promotion is any person who works for (i) Damm (ii) Damm distributors (iii) the shopping centres where the present promotion is taking place and their relations to the second degree of kinship or affinity and any other person directly or indirectly related to the creation and realisation of the present promotion.

    Under 18s are also excluded from this promotion.

    Entrants may be asked at any time to reliably accredit their personal details by presenting their validly emitted and current DNI or NIE.


    1. Mechanics of the promotion.


    Participants must spend a minimum of 10 euros on Keler products.

    The purchase must be made from any hypermarket or supermarket located in the Basque Country or Navarre, and this promotion is not available from businesses in the hospitality sector (bars, restaurants, night clubs, etc.)


    In order to be entered into the prize draw, the €10 worth of Keler products must appear on the same receipt. The same receipt may not entered into the competition more than once, for example, a participant may not enter twice using the same receipt with a total purchase amount of €20.

    Once the product has been purchased, the user should go to, to the “promotions” section, where they must proceed to register the personal details detailed below:


    • Surname
    • Country/province/post code
    • Contact telephone number
    • Email address
    • Enter password to validate registration


    Once registered, the participant must attach a copy of the purchase receipt, with the establishment, date, purchase amount for the Keler products and the receipt number clearly visible. The participant must also complete the security “captcha”, and accept the Legal Bases, privacy policy and website cookie policy. The participant must select the ski resort for which they want to receive the 50% discount.


    Once the registration process is finalized, you will proceed to validate your participation and if the requirements established in the present conditions are met, you will be sent a promotional code that can be redeemed on the website for a one-day ski pass with 50% discount off its normal price, for use at one of the Nouvelles Pyrénées ski resorts (Peyragudes, Piau, Gran Tourmalet, Luz Ardiden, Cauterets, Gourette or Arrette - La Pierre St Martin). At the point of exchange, the participant will be asked for the following personal details:


    • Email
    • Create password
    • Confirm password
    • Surnames
    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Mobile number
    • Address
    • Post code
    • City


    Once redeemed, the participant will receive the ski pass in the way chosen at


    Only one pass may be obtained per participant. Once the stock of 1,400 one-day ski passes with 50% discount runs out, the promotion will be considered finished.


    S.A. DAMM reserves the right to request the original receipt for which a photograph was uploaded at the time of registration. If it has been manipulated, is a photocopy, or has been lost, or the receipt has been used to enter other promotions run by S.A. DAMM at the same time as the present promotion, or does not comply with a requirement in the present bases, the entrant shall not be entitled to the prizes object of the present promotion.


    1. Date of the draw and number of winners.


    There will be 200 prizes drawn per resort (1,400 in total) for 1 day with a 50% discount on the normal price, to be redeemed on the website using a promotional code that is sent to each participant.


    Once the prizes for a particular resort have run out, this resort will be removed from the Keler website. Participants must select one of the resorts that remain active.


    Under no circumstances may prizes be exchanged for any other gift or cash equivalent. The prize may not be transferred to another person.

    In the event that there remain prizes to be distributed when the promotion comes to an end, S.A.DAMM may declare them null and void, and may do with them whatever it deems appropriate.


    1. Organiser’s exemption from liability.


    The Organiser shall not be held liable for the use made by participants of the free gifts, nor shall it incur in any type of liability if the free gift is not received in accordance with its instructions, or if it cannot be enjoyed by the participant, for reasons not attributable to the Organiser.

    The Organiser shall not be held liable for any physical problem, injury or death arising from the use of the free gifts.

    The Organiser shall not be held liable for any errors in the details provided by the actual participants, in the event that such errors prevent their participation in accordance with these terms and conditions.

    The organiser shall not be liable for any delay, difficulty or impediment imposed on the participants by the managers of the Nouvelles Pyrénées ski resorts.


    1. Data Protection.


    As owner of this website, DAMM advises its Users that it is the Data Controller for processing their personal data sent through the website, unless they are expressly advised otherwise as part of a specific process.

    Pursuant to the provisions of the applicable legislation on data protection, DAMM respects its Users' privacy and the security of their personal data. It has therefore adopted the necessary legal, technical and organisational measures to prevent the loss, abuse, alteration, unauthorised access, and theft of any personal data submitted, taking into account the status of the technology, the nature of the data and the risks to which each are exposed.

    Personal data belonging to Users of the DAMM website shall only be obtained for processing when appropriate and relevant and shall not be excessive in relation to the context and the purposes for which they were collected. Therefore, the processing shall be limited to whatever purposes the Users indicate in each case.

    When personal data are collected through the DAMM website, the User shall be clearly and unambiguously informed in advance about the circumstances regarding the processing of their data, in accordance with the current requirements for data protection at that time. Likewise, personal data provided through the DAMM website shall be stored unless the interested party (i) requests their erasure or rectification, (ii) opposes them being processed any further or (iii) if the processing requires their authorisation and they withdraw their consent. Without prejudice to the previous point and in addition to those time periods, the stored data shall be duly restricted, for the exclusive provision of courts and tribunals, the treasury, or competent government bodies, in particular the data protection authorities, for a period of 3 years, for use in possible claims that may be filed for the use made of the data.

    DAMM shall respond to any request or query by interested parties exercising their legally recognised rights, through the following postal address: S.A. DAMM, ATT. OFICINA PRIVACIDAD - Rosselló, 515 Barcelona and through the following email address:


    1. Deposit of the bases and changes.


    To facilitate consumer access these legal bases shall be published on the web portal: Likewise, these terms and conditions shall be deposited with the Notary of the city of Barcelona, Mr José-Alberto Marín Sánchez, calle Diputación 268, entlo.


    All doubts over interpretation of the present legal bases and omissions regarding the competition shall be studied and decided by Organiser who reserves the right to change the present legal bases without the need for advance warning by publishing new legal bases in the same way as the present ones.

    S.A. DAMM expressly reserves the right to cancel, change, extend, rectify or suspend the present promotion at any time and with no advance warning.


    1. Acceptance of the bases for the draw.


    Participation in the present promotion means full acceptance of the present bases and express submission to S.A. DAMM decisions on interpretation of the same.

    Organiser reserves the right to exclude all entrants from the promotion that it considers to be in breach of any condition for participation included in the present legal bases. Entrants excluded for whatever reason shall lose all rights stemming from entrant status.

    Any abusive or fraudulent use of these legal bases shall disqualify entrants from the promotion. Similarly, Organiser reserves the right to bring civil and criminal actions against those participating fraudulently in the promotion.

    Any dispute between participants in the promotion and interpretation of the present bases by S.A. DAMM shall be brought before the competent Courts and Tribunals.

    And in witness whereof, this document is signed in the city of Barcelona on 11th December 2019.

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