Keler invites you to Watch Real live

Buy 5€ of Keler and get,
A ticket for 20€ + Scarf of Real + Free beer

When you spend €5 on Keler, obtain a ticket for Anoeta and a Keler for €20.


At Keler we’re proud of our passion for the Real Sociedad football club, a passion that unites us to a large number of football fans. That’s why we want to take you to the Anoeta stadium to enjoy your team and a cool glass of Keler. Thanks to Keler, support your team with the best of them.

Upload a photo of the receipt showing that you have spent €5 on Keler and we’ll send you a promotional code to buy a ticket on the Real Sociedad website.

Goazen Reala!


    1. Identification of the organiser and purpose.

    S.A.DAMM (hereinafter the “Organiser”) with Tax ID Code [CIF] A08000820 and registered address at c/ Rosselló, 515 - 08025 Barcelona, organises the “WELCOME PACK KELER” promotion, with the purpose of promoting the products marketed under the KELER brand.

    2. Geographical scope of the promotion

    The geographical scope of this promotion will be the province of Gipuzkoa.

    In accordance with the terms and conditions established herein, the “WELCOME PACK KELER” promotion will apply to the Keler products that are purchased in accordance with the provisions of these legal terms and conditions.

    3. Temporal scope of the promotion

    The promotion shall be effective during the 2017-2018 Season or, failing this, while stocks last.

    The Organiser reserves the right to change the promotion dates in order to facilitate greater participation.

    4. Target audience of the promotion

    All individuals residing in Spain who are of legal age at the time of participation may participate in the promotion.

    Any individuals who are part of (i) the Damm staff, (ii) that of Damm’s distributors, (iii) that of the businesses taking part in this promotion, along with their family members up to the second degree of kinship or affinity, or any individuals directly or indirectly related to the creation and running of this promotion are expressly excluded from this promotion.

    Likewise, individuals under the age of 18 are excluded from this promotion.

    At any given time participants may be requested to provide proof of their personal details, producing their duly issued and valid National Identity Document [DNI] or Foreigner Identity Number [NIE] to that end.

    5. Mechanics of the promotion

    Participants must spend a minimum of 5 euros on Keler products, keep the receipt and access the promotion microsite that can be found on the website, where the registration form must be duly filled in with all of the participant’s personal details and the receipt must be uploaded.

    The 5-euro purchase of Keler products must appear on one single receipt. The date of purchase, details and price of the product subject to this promotion must appear visibly on the photo of the receipt.

    S.A. DAMM reserves the right to request the original receipt uploaded at the time of registration. In the event that it has been manipulated, is a photocopy or has been lost, or that the receipt has been used to take part in other promotions that may be on offer by S.A. DAMM at the same time as this promotion, or that it does not comply with any of the requirements established in these terms and conditions, the participant shall not be entitled to obtain the prizes subject to this promotion.

    After having verified the receipt, the participant will receive a promotional code that can be exchanged on the Real Sociedad website for a Welcome Pack. For €20, the aforementioned Welcome Pack will include the ticket to a match + a Real Sociedad scarf + a voucher for a glass of alcohol-free Keler.

    Once the tickets for the different matches subject to this promotion have been exhausted, the promotion will end.

    6. Prizes and draw

    All participants who exchange the promotional code on the Real Sociedad website will obtain:

    1. A ticket, corresponding to the lower east stand, for one of the football matches listed below played by Real Sociedad, for a retail price of twenty euros (€20):
    • 10/12/2017 Real Sociedad - Málaga
    • 20/12/2017 Real Sociedad - Sevilla
    • 14/01/2018 Real Sociedad - Barcelona
    • 20/01/2018 Real Sociedad - Celta
    • 04/02/2018 Real Sociedad - Deportivo
    • 18/02/2018 Real Sociedad - Levante
    • 04/03/2018 Real Sociedad - Alavés
    • 18/03/2018 Real Sociedad - Getafe
    • 08/04/2018 Real Sociedad - Girona
    • 18/04/2018 Real Sociedad - Atlético de Madrid
    • 29/04/2018 Real Sociedad - Athletic de Bilbao
    • 13/05/2018 Real Sociedad - Leganés

    The number of tickets subject to this promotion is limited to a maximum of fifty (50) per match, except for the matches played by Real Sociedad against Athletic de Bilbao and Atlético de Madrid, for which the number of tickets will be limited to ten (10) for each match.

        2. A Real Sociedad scarf

        3. A voucher for a glass of alcohol-free Keler

    The promotion shall be valid for the first match held following purchase of the ticket, and until the promotional tickets per match (50 or 10 depending on the specific case) are exhausted.

    Under no circumstances may tickets purchased prior to the next match be used to purchase tickets corresponding to another subsequent match.

    Under no circumstances may prizes be changed for any other gift or exchanged for their cash equivalent and nor may they be transferred to another person.

    The marketing and/or sale of the free gift or the right to obtain such a free gift is prohibited.

    7. Exemption from liability of the Organiser.

    The Organiser shall not be held liable for the use made by participants of the free gifts, nor shall it incur in any type of liability if the free gift is not received in accordance with its instructions, or if it cannot be enjoyed by the participant, for reasons not attributable to the Organiser.

    The Organiser shall not be held liable for any physical problem, injury or death arising from the use of the free gifts.

    The Organiser shall not be held liable for any errors in the details provided by the actual participants, in the event that such errors prevent their participation in accordance with these terms and conditions.

    The Organiser shall not be held liable for any problem, whether technical or of any other nature, arising during the online purchase of tickets which hinders or renders impossible the full effective enjoyment of the free gifts.

    The Organiser shall not be held liable for any delay, difficulty or obstacle preventing the full enjoyment of the free gifts encountered by participants applied by Real Sociedad officials or by the premises where the match is held.

    8. Data Protection.

    Based on the promotional mechanics described above, in accordance with applicable regulations, it is hereby stated that the details of those taking part in the promotion shall be incorporated into the files owned by S.A.DAMM, which are duly registered in the General Data Protection Register. The aforementioned company, which shall be responsible for such details, shall use them for the sole purpose of managing and handling participation in the promotion and/or, when thus agreed, to maintain participants regularly informed in relation to advertising information and the commercial promotion of products, services and activities in the food and sports sectors, and to make it possible to define a commercial profile to search for content that may be of interest to participants, using profiling techniques with the purpose of carrying out targeted advertising and direct marketing. The aforementioned details shall be processed with the utmost privacy, confidentiality and security, in accordance with applicable legislation.

    The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are strictly necessary in order to participate in the promotion. If a participant does not want to provide such details so that they may be processed in the management of the promotion by the person in charge of the aforementioned files based on the terms and conditions established, he/she shall not be entitled to participate.

    Participants in this promotion are freely entitled to exercise their rights to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of their details with the aforementioned

    purposes, by submitting a written communication accompanied by their identity document to the email address or by post to S.A. DAMM: C/ Rosselló, 515, 08025 in Barcelona, indicating “Ref. ARCO”.

    9. Deposit of the terms and conditions and amendments

    The terms and conditions of this promotion shall be deposited before the Notary Public listed below:

    Notary Public of Mr Fermín Lizarazu Aramayo, a member of the Association of Notaries of the Basque Country.

    Calle San Marcial nº 13 - 1º 20.005-San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa).

    Telephone: 943,423,613

    Fax: 943,431,137

    Additionally, in order to facilitate access thereto by consumers as far as possible, these legal terms and conditions shall be published on the website:

    Any doubts regarding the interpretation of these legal terms and conditions and omissions related to the contest shall be analysed and decided by the Organiser, who reserves the right to amend these legal terms and conditions, without prior warning, by publishing the new legal terms and conditions in the same manner.

    S.A. DAMM expressly reserves the rights to cancel, amend, extend, rectify or suspend this promotion at any time and without prior notification.

    10. Acceptance of the promotion terms and conditions

    Participation in this promotion implies full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the express submission to the interpretative decisions thereof made by S.A. DAMM.

    The Organiser reserves the right to exclude any participants from the promotion who, in its opinion, do not comply with any of the participation conditions included in these legal terms and conditions. The exclusion of a participant, for whatever reason, entails the loss of all rights deriving from his/her status as such.

    Any abusive or fraudulent use of these legal terms and conditions shall result in the subsequent disqualification of the participant from the promotion. Likewise, the Organiser reserves the right to initiate civil and criminal proceedings against those who participate fraudulently in the promotion.

    In witness whereof, this document is signed in San Sebastián on 20 November 2017.

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